Bikepark Champery – Morgins

Bikepark Champery is part of the Portes du Soleil area. This bikepark in Morgins is unquestionably one of the rougher, steeper parks out there. A blue line here is not to be compared to the other blue lines in the rest of the area.

Portes du Soleil

The Portes du Soleil area consists out of 12 resorts on and around the Swiss / French border. Altogether, the trail builders have completed 600 kilometers of trails, from blue to double blacks, which are known far outside the area. To get around in this enormous bikepark there are 22 lifts which bring you to the top of the mountains straightaway. With one (hands-free) pass, you have access to all of these, and the only thing you need to worry about is to get the last one before they close. Bikepark Champery is located on the Swiss side of the border and despite being the furthest out of all the parks, it is definitely worth the trip.

4 lines

The Champery park comes as a surprise for most when riding here the first time. From the top station you have a choice of 4 downhill trails, all rated differently. The saying: “Pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride” is definitely something that is used here. After a few runs down the line, you’ll start seeing different options; jumps instead of rollers, gaps instead of drops, and much more.

Bikepark Champery logo

Bikepark Champéry – Morgins
Rte de la Fin
1874 Champéry

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