Bikepark Winterberg MTB-Zone

The most versatile Bikepark in Germany” according to Bikepark Winterberg own website. Have a look at the trail map, and you find eleven different trails. These range from blue to black, a dedicated Jump trail, and a beginner course. The bikepark definitely makes the most out of the area given.

A park a day!

Since the parking is located between two hills, you can choose your trails for the day. Do you rather go for the fast-paced lift-accessed bikepark, or do you prefer the more natural trails in the trailpark? Keep in mind you’ll have to pedal up in the trail park though. Both the trailpark and bikepark will provide you with enough different trails to keep you busy for a day each. In 2021, they’ve added a third uplift with two long green trails on the trailpark side.

Additionally, the red and black trails in the bikepark will have different possible line choices. Basically making it possible for beginner riders to step up their skills more gradually but also offer enough challenges for experienced riders. Especially the two red lines are a great example of this.

At the entrance of the park you’ll find the bikeshop where it is possible to rent different Commencal bikes and gear, but also get some technical support when needed.

Off the bike

During the mountainbike season, there are other activities at the same location for the ones who do not ride. Woven in between the bikepark trails there is the Erlebnisberg Kappe adventure area which provides leisure fun for the whole family. From the top of the hill, there is a steel rope slide running above the bikepark trails.
During the summer there is a toboggan run, and on the trailpark side there is the Winterberg Climbing Forest. Here you can shimmy through the five different climbing courses, balance over curious bridges, and race from tree to tree on cable cars. This combination really makes the Kappe mountain a great place for bikers with a family who don’t ride!

Our recommendations:

Want to make the best of your time at Winterberg? Stop for a quick “Bikermenu” at the food truck next to the bike shop. A good amount of fries and curry wurst will ease your hunger and get you back on the trails in no time. When you have some more time to spare; exit the park, turn right, and take a few pedals to the Big Mountain Hostel. Not only a hostel but also an American-style restaurant with burgers, ribs, pizza, and vegan options which won’t disappoint!

A great place to stay with a group is Villa Nordhang which is not even a 5-minute ride from the bikepark. A big shared garden for those long summer evenings, your own kitchen and well maintained.

When staying here for multiple days, the nearby Bikepark Willingen is also worth checking out!

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Bikepark Winterberg
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Tel.: +49 298 191 99 909

Have you ever been to bikepark Winterberg? If so, what was your favorite trail, where did you stay? We would love to hear real-life recommendations from you to share as much as possible about the region! Let us know in the comments below, or email us!