Bikepark La Bresse – Hohneck

Bikepark La Bresse – Hohneck is located in the middle of the French Vosges. The Vosges is located in the most North-East corner of France and is the last mountain range before crossing into Germany or Switzerland. Since this is the 3rd most wooded area in France it is a great destination for every outdoor sports lover.


If you are an early bird and get to the parking lot of La Bresse as soon as the park opens, chances are you can park within eyesight of the lift station. After the big lot in front of the park, the bike shop is the first thing you see. Here you will be able to rent both a bike and gear when necessary. On the other side of the entrance, you will find a great café for lunch and clean restrooms. Lastly, a bike wash is available behind the bike shop. Altogether, this is a great bikepark with a high service level.

Rough, rocky, risky?

La Bresse uses one lift, so you can’t go wrong there. When going up the mountain, your eye will be pulled at the red Virolo line straightaway. This jump line is located right under the lift and surprisingly one of the few tracks that are not covered by tree tops. Once you are at the top, you have a choice of two green, two blue, three red, and three black trails. One of which was the World Cup downhill finale of 2018.
The Vosges area is a rugged area and as a result, most of the trails resemble this. A smooth flow trail you will not find here. Even though a blue is a blue, it is still full of rocks, wooden elements and roots. But, as long as you take the time, every rider will get down these. The red and blacks however do require a bit more handling skills to get down!

Bikepark La Bresse – Hohneck
90 Route de Vologne
88250 La Bresse
Bike shop: +33-329256059 

Have you ever been to La Bresse? If so, what was your favorite trail, where did you stay? We would love to hear real-life recommendations from you to share as much as possible about the region! Let us know in the comments below, or email us!