Bikepark Petzen MTB-Zone

Bikepark Petzen is one of the three parks of the MTB-Zone besides Willingen and Geisskopf. All three of the parks are operated by Diddie Schneider. He is one of the leading trail designers in Europe and works worldwide as a trail builder and consultant for bike destinations. With over 30 years of experience in professional track construction, the former professional cyclist is one of the pioneers and visionaries in the industry.

Petzen flow!

While there are only three trails showing on the trail map, it looks like it won’t be worth your time and effort. Surprisingly, one of these trails is one of, if not, the longest flow trails in Europe. The Flow Country Trail stretches over 11.5 kilometers of smooth single track with flowy berms and (rollable) tabletops. The grade will keep you going without having to pedal during the full ride. While it is marked as a blue trail, even the more experienced rider can make this a challenge by speeding up and clearing all the jumps.

Thriller EWS

After a few warm-up runs on the flow trail, it is time to test your skills on both the Thriller and EWS trail. The Thriller trail is an all-natural descend, so expect roots, a few rock gardens, and more technical passages. Both trails do have some overlap, but the EWS trails branch off and on to find even more challenges, purposely build for the EWS of 2018!

Bikepark Petzen logo

Unterort 52
9150 St. Michael ob Bleiburg
Tel.: +43 4235 224635

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